• 08.23.13

See Animals Who Dress Way Better Than You Strike a Pose

Photographer Miguel Vallinas gives the wild kingdom a fashionable makeover.

This is the Internet, so of course there are animals wearing people clothes. There will always be animals wearing people clothes. The only question that remains is just how stylish can those animals look while wearing them? According to one recent project, the answer is “rawwwr,” which is zebra speak for “very.”


“Segundas Pieles (Second Skins)” is the latest series to throw down the gauntlet for all zoological fashionistas. Created by Madrid-based photographer Miguel Vallinas, this project uses lighting, atmosphere and some seriously well-chosen duds to get plenty more mileage out of a concept that’s long-since outlived its novelty.

In “Second Skins”, animals such as foxes, dogs, and deer find their heads grafted onto stylishly adorned human bodies. Although it may look a little ridiculous to see such minotaur-type hybrid creatures dressed like your average publicity intern, Vallinas manages a naturalistic tone with the arrangements and body language. Each animal comes across as an individual, and you can sort of imagine the lives they might lead in an alternate universe.

Look through more images in the slides above.

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