Catfishers, Take Note–This Is The Easy Way To Fake Having a Girlfriend On Instagram

As the saying goes, sometimes you just have to fake it ’til you make out. At least that’s what Keisuki Jinushi believes. The young Japanese photographer recently published a visual tutorial on how to pretend to have a girlfriend on Instagram.

From the outset, the images of Jinushi being pampered by the hand of an otherwise unseen second party seem legit. It looks like the kind of thing you see every day if any of your social media friends or acquaintances are in their mid-twenties or younger. The only difference is that in the average photo of a couple being disgusting, usually the hand feeding the subject is not also attached to the subject.

One might want to pretend to have a girlfriend for any number of reasons–from aspiring to look in-demand, to elaborate catfishing, or just being some weirdo. Jinushi’s photos walk anyone interested in such deception through every step. (The key is using makeup to transform a man’s hand into dainty lady fingers.)

Look through the full tutorial in the slides above. Have you ever encountered any photographic ruses on social media? Let us know in the comments.JB