See The Worst Videos From BoooTube, A Showcase Of Everything Wrong With The Internet, Life In General

YouTube has done a lot of positive things. It has changed the way we watch music videos and movie previews. It’s empowered people to dredge up rare old clips of TV shows and live performances that were once impossible to find, and has given those folks a platform to share. And it’s helped democratize entertainment, giving everyone a fair shake at finding an audience. Of course, it’s also a window into an unimaginably bleak wasteland just beneath the surface of our world, populated by fame-craving super trolls and other assorted ghouls.

If YouTube does contain its own hell, BoooTube is your own personal Virgil guiding you through it. Created by Amsterdam- and Delhi-based agency THEY and web design house amphora.interactive, this site features only the most hated (read: most down-voted) clips on YouTube. Boootube weighs the ratio of ‘likes’ to ‘dislikes’ to determine a ratio of hate. (For instance, the most disliked video of all time is apparently Rick Perry’s 2011 campaign video, in which the Texas governor argues against gay people being considered people and President Obama’s “war on religion.”)

There’s an element of curation to the site as well. Upon entering the site, users are immediately greeted with staff picks. These well-chosen entries present train wrecks you can’t look away from, such as Controversial Baby Dynamics Yoga, in which babies are made to mimic the nauseating trajectories of certain county fair rides against their still-forming wills. If nothing else, the ignorance, ill-coordination, and WTF-isms of Boootube will make you appreciate the videos that are merely annoying.

Look through a selection of Boootube videos in the slides above.JB