What Happens Every Single Second On The Internet

Recently, we showed you an infographic charting the breadth of activity occurring each minute online. While the raw data gives shape to the proportions of the Internet’s vast time-wasting landscape, this information lacks the visceral punch of a representative visual. Until now.

One Second On the Internet breaks down the various forms of online activity even further than its predecessor and manages to upstage it in the presentation department. The site, which was created anonymously (for now), doles out the fact that 197 people cast votes on Reddit every second by showing that number of Reddit’s trademark alien heads lined up in rows, reminiscent of how a prisoner might mark off days served in chalk. As you scroll down and arrive at even more popular websites and social media sources, these stacks of logos get larger and larger. (The one for email is too large for this page, necessitating linkage.)

Along with this helpful, if alarming, statistical bounty, One Second also reminds users of the inexorable march of time by showing how much more information has spread since you’ve been on the page. Aside from the visual representation, the number of tweets or Facebook ‘likes’ and other data are shown as increasing each second–which tempts viewers to refresh the screen before the number gets too high to reasonably comprehend.

Have a look at some of these numbers in the slides above.