Dead Girl From “The Ring” Movies Wants To Know If You’d Like Fries With That

As we’ve mentioned in the past, one of the best ways to market scary things is by scaring people. Apparently, though, in Japan this philosophy also applies to tasty treats with a tangential relationship to scary stuff.

The marketing team behind the Ringu series–which we know stateside as The Ring–has proven adept at bringing the hirsute antagonist of those films out from the dark of a theater and into broad daylight. Perhaps the same minds were also involved in promoting a new fast-food shake “based on“ Sadako, the creepy dead girl from her eponymous movie.

Just in time for Sadako 3-D 2, which opens in Japan on August 30, a branch of the chain restaurant Lotteria in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood had a Sadako lookalike working the register recently. Of course, the mere presence of a dead girl wouldn’t be enough to sufficiently scare customers and the jaded viewing audience at home. Rather than simply handing off orders, “Sadako” pops out and gets right in customers faces–giving them a taste of the 3-D realness to come.

Have a look at some images from the scene in the slides above.

H/t to KotakuJB