• 08.08.13

Celebrate Shark Week With an Interactive Tour Of The Deep In A Shark-Cage VW

VW takes its Shark Week shark cage on the road (and by road we mean seafloor).

Last year, Volkswagen marked its sponsorship of Discovery’s Shark Week by creating a specially modded shark cage Beetle. This time, VW and agency Deutsch LA have resurrected (or resubmerged) the Beetle cage, with added interactivity, creating a Subaquatic Road Trip along the Shark Superhighway. The Beetle shark cage is now a convertible, and via an interactive site you can ride along with marine biologist Luke Tipple and enjoy a 360-degree view of sharks in their native habitat. Sixty-second episodes of the road trip, featuring Tipple, will also air on Discovery Channel, and the agency is also promoting the Shark Week action with shark-themed Instagram videos.


As you explore the interactive site, keep an eye out for the hidden treasure chest. When you open it and send a tweet with #VWSharkWeek, $2 will go toward the Surfrider Foundation, which helps protect our oceans. The superhighway takes you from Miami to Freeport, Grand Bahama. Just remember to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle.

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