• 08.01.13

Feast Your Eyes On Snoop Loops, Frosted Drakes, and Other Rapper Cereals

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the ‘Ye.

Hashtag games on Twitter are often born of simple ideas. Somebody with a sizable amount of followers tosses #depressingsitcoms into the digital ring, and suddenly thousands of people are concurrently explaining that Nobody Loves Raymond. The Tumblr Rappers & Cereal seems to be cut from a similar cloth as the enterprise of hashtag gaming, only with the benefit of a visual element to kick it up a notch.


Created by Courtney Bishop and maintained by Brittany Meronek, this blog is a compendium of breakfast cereals and also some of the hottest rappers in the game right now. Rappers & Cereal works on two levels: the dextrous verbal fun of puns, and the ridiculous image of tough-projecting musicians salivating for some cereal. The puns range from inspired (Mackle S’Mores) to much less so (Kanye Chex), but the juxtaposition of the images seems to have legs.

Have a look through more rappers with cereal in the slides above.

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