• 07.30.13

Hello Flo “Camp Gyno” Ad Adorably Busts Through The Period, Vagina Barrier

Period subscription service Hello Flo takes us to Camp Gyno. Company founder Naama Bloom talks us through the hit video.

Hello Flo “Camp Gyno” Ad Adorably Busts Through The Period, Vagina Barrier

It’s like Santa for your Vagina!


Advertising in the feminine hygiene category has made some dramatic leaps away from the insufferable blue liquid framework in recent years. And now, period-care service takes another step forward with “Camp Gyno,” a two-minute film starring a young camper who embraces her role as period pioneer.

Hello Flo is a subscription service that delivers flow-specific period products monthly. The website promises discrete packaging–“feel free to get it sent to your office.” The service currently includes Tampax Pearl and Always products and ships throughout the continental U.S. The company is now also introducing a “starter kit” for the newly menstruating–and that’s where our little camper comes in. Embracing her “red badge of courage,” the girl assumes the role of period adviser to her peers, until, that is, they get wise to Hello Flo. But in the interim, she delivers a lot of frank talk about periods, up to and including the use of the words “vadge” and “vagina.”

The ad was written and directed (independently) by BBDO creatives Pete Marquis and Jamie McCelland. According to Hello Flo founder Naama Bloom, the pair are friends and the idea for the campaign was hatched over dinner about 10 months ago.

“My background is in marketing so once we started talking about the company I just started rattling off a bunch of consumer insights that I had gathered (and experienced firsthand),” says Bloom. “At one point I shared the story of my friend from camp who seemed to know more than the rest of us. And I had learned in my research that my experience wasn’t unusual. (Marquis) then said “so she was a campy gyno?” and we all burst out laughing and knew we had to make this video.”

It was important that the camp gyno character be endearing but also powerful, says Bloom. “I wanted to love her, even though she was misguided. Adolescence can be such an awkward time, but as an adult you look back and find these tender and funny moments. That’s what we were trying to capture. I want moms like me to remember those times fondly, and I want girls going through puberty to be able to laugh about it–rather than find it scary or miserable.”

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