• 07.23.13

Lego And Cartoon Network Partner On Mixels, A New Cross-Platform Franchise About “Unlimited Combinations”

Take a company known for imaginative toys and one known for imaginative cartoons, and it should make the creative kids in your life pretty happy.

Lego And Cartoon Network Partner On Mixels, A New Cross-Platform Franchise About “Unlimited Combinations”

Lego’s attempt to dominate all media (have you seen that movie trailer yet? Holy cats!) continues apace: Fresh out of Comic-Con, the company has announced a new partnership with Cartoon Network to create . . . Mixels.


Mixels is a new franchise from Lego and Cartoon Network that every child you know will probably be really, really excited about next year: It’s a cartoon, a mobile game, and a new collectible Lego toy concept, all mixable–just like Legos!

“Mixels is about unlimited combinations,” Cartoon Network Chief Content Officer Rob Sorcher tells us. “I’d like to think that the content will all work together that way, too.”

It should, at the very least, be a fun way for kids to enjoy a new–and fairly immersive–creative world. A press release describes Mixels as “colorful . . . creatures that can mix and combine with one another in creative and unpredictable story lines,” and promises “a collectible portfolio of low-priced mini building sets,” which’ll launch in three waves over 2014. All of which sounds pretty good to us: Legos are an ideal toy for creative-minded kids, so they’ll probably come up with some fun stuff. Which, as Sorcher explains, is something that they’ll have in common with the people who designed the concept, too.

“It turns out that animators and game designers generally have a strong feeling for LEGO products,” he says. “This was often their first socially accepted creative outlet.” The next generation of animators and game designers can get started next year with some weird little Mixels beasts.

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