• 09.09.13

Your Guide To Interacting With An Introvert

Don’t get mad at the introvert in your life for shutting down; as this illustration explains, it’s just their way of coping.

Are you worried that your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your husband or wife is a passive-aggressive pain in the ass, who is purposefully trying to drive you crazy by avoiding all contact with the outside world? Cartoonist Schroeder Jones feared that his ex-boyfriend believed just that. In truth, the poor guy was just an introvert. So he made a comic explaining exactly why introverts behave the way they do.


The illustration plays off an accepted truth about introverts: Instead of finding crowds energizing, like extroverts do, they find them draining. The graphic explains: Introverts make their own energy instead of deriving that energy from other people. Since energy is a limited resource for them, introverts only want to give that energy, in other words, socialize with people who truly appreciate and understand them. So the next time you meet an introvert, don’t assume he’s blowing you off; though, if you’re way too extroverted, then he may very well be.

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Jennifer Miller is the author of The Year of the Gadfly (Harcourt, 2012) and Inheriting The Holy Land (Ballantine, 2005). She's a regular contributor to Co.Create.