Disney Princesses Turn Deadly In This Killer Interactive Street Art

In a perfect world, there would be angled mirrors at the top of every corner, so nobody could get the drop on you. Unfortunately, we are often quite vulnerable at perpendicular crossroads, and it’s impossible to know what’s lurking there in the shadows. For all we know, it could be a homicidal Sleeping Beauty.

The last bit of street art we mentioned–actually a series of public service ads–used corners to make a clever point about prostitutes. Stockholm-based artist Herr Nilsson, on the other hand, is using the unseen half of these dingy turns to comment on princesses. In a series entitled Dark Princesses, some of your favorite Disney royalty are recast in Banksy-esque tableaus as lurking assassins.

Interestingly, the interactive series is meant to be viewed from an outside observer’s vantage. Rather than turning a corner to see Snow White waiting to gun you down, you’re supposed to see a person walking from the opposite direction, so you ostensibly have the chance to warn him or her what’s to come. It’s a cathartic experience for anyone who ever thought Cinderella seemed like she’s hiding some dark secrets.

Bonus note: if the pseudonym Herr Nelson sounds familiar, it’s because that is what Pippi Longstocking’s pet monkey was named, and it’s weird that you remember that.

See more images from the set in the slides above. And see more princesses behaving badly here.JB