Braff-Sourcing: A Marriage Proposal–And Kickstarter–Pivot

They say marriage is a sacred bond between two people and also Zach Braff, if he’s available.

With his film Garden State, the former Scrubs star earned his “hopeless romantic” bona fides by making out with Natalie Portman atop an enormous ravine in the rain. Now he’s melting hearts on a one-on-one basis apparently, by helping a struggling musician propose to his girlfriend via video recording. (Spoiler alert: She says yes.)

People have been using Kickstarter for all sorts of projects recently, and one of the more controversial ones is Braff’s film Wish I Was Here. The multi-hyphenate scored a cool $3 million-plus from the crowdfunding site back in April, much to the chagrin of those who feel that Braff and Veronica Mars-maker Rob Thomas shouldn’t be permitted to go to the same well as ordinary unconnected folk. At least one such person got something impressive out of Braff’s Kickstarter, though.

One of the rewards for high contributors to the Wish I Was Here fund was a modicum of personal time with the creator himself. With a little coaxing, musician Matt Hulbert convinced Braff to parlay that time into a video marriage proposal, rather than a discussion of what really went on behind the scenes of The Last Kiss. Hulbert asks his girlfriend, Janice, to watch a video, and suddenly she’s locking eyes with her favorite movie person. Braff enters the frame jamming out to one of Hulbert’s songs and says a few kind words about the dude’s musical skills. Afterwards, he and a large assemblage of friends cajole Janice to say yes.

It’s like something right out of a Zach Braff movie, and who knows, perhaps one day it will be. In any case, Kickstarter is standing by.JB