Mining The Silver Age of Comics

The celebration of the men behind the myths continues.

Former DC Comics President Paul Levitz began a multi-book project with high-end art publisher Taschen to showcase talent behind the superheroes. The result was the illustrated 2008 Eisner Award-winning 75 Years of DC Comics.

Paul Levitz at the DC Comics office in 2010 with the grandaddy of his book series. Photo: Kareem Black/Courtesy TASCHEN.

From there, the plan was a series of five coffee table books that broke down the different “ages” of comics–Golden, Silver, Bronze, Dark, and Modern. Each would delve into the detail and nuance of the men and women who created the characters and how external events influenced the stories, plus each would feature an interview with an icon of that era.

The first, The Golden Ages of DC Comics (1935-1956), arrived in April. It included an interview with Joe Kubert, who passed away last year.

The latest installment–The Silver Age of DC Comics (1956-1970)–arrives this month. This 396-page book features an interview with Neal Adams, whose style increased dynamic illustration in comics.

Books on the Bronze (1970-1984), Dark (1984-1998), and Modern (1998-present) ages will be published in 2014.

Levitz is a special guest at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, which runs July 17-21. He’ll appear on several panels and sign autographs at the Con’s autographing area. Adams will also attend, and Silver Age will be on sale there.SK