• 07.02.13

Logo TV Speeds Up The Storytelling Process With Its New Vine-based Soap

Don’t blink while watching a six-second episode of The Vines of Sauvignon Blanc because you might miss an important plot point.

Logo TV produced the entire 22-episode run of its new soap opera The Vines of Sauvignon Blanc at its New York City office in just one day. “Obviously, a production of this scale doesn’t get made without a lot of help–specifically interns with iPhones and a trip to Party City for props,” says Brent Zacky, Logo TV’s senior vice president of original programming.


Rolling out in six-second installments on the micro-blogging platform Vine, The Vines of Sauvignon Blanc centers on a wealthy vineyard owner whose doctor informs him that he only has two minutes and six seconds to live. Drama ensues, and the storyline is full of the tropes you’d expect from a soap opera: from mistaken identity to a puzzling pregnancy. There is a wedding, too, of course.

“This project wasn’t only fun to work on, but it’s also building buzz,” Zacky says, noting that the idea came out of an internal brainstorming meeting. “If we can create content–of any length, on any platform–that people want to share with their friends, then it’s a win for us because it shows people our point of view, our sense of humor and opens a window to the Logo brand.”

The cast of The Vines of Sauvignon Blanc includes 30 Rock’s Sue Galloway; Reichen Lemkuhl, who won The Amazing Race and starred in the reality series The A-List: New York; Stephen Guarino, known for The Big Gay Sketch Show and appearances on Happy Endings; and Michael Hartney from Upright Citizen’s Brigade. “Everyone thought the project was such a different and unusual way to use the Vine app that they were eager to be involved,” Zacky says. “A ridiculous script didn’t hurt either.”

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