• 06.27.13

“Breaking Bad” Name Lab Cooks Up a Batch of Facebook Profiles

Sure, you’re stoked for the final season of Breaking Bad, but do all of your Facebook friends know that?

“Breaking Bad” Name Lab Cooks Up a Batch of Facebook Profiles

In anticipation of the forthcoming final season of Breaking Bad, AMC is letting fans give their Facebook pages a methy makeover.


The Breaking Bad Name Lab is lending a jolt to avatars everywhere by rendering users’ names in the style of the show’s distinctive, chemistry-based credits. Recently, a link popped up on the Breaking Bad Facebook page inviting users to visit the lab. Despite knowing what kind of things have happened in the various labs Walt and Jessie have occupied over the years, a lot of these fans will no doubt comply.

Visiting the Name Lab involves a simple two-step process:

Step 1. Click on the app.

Step 2. Generate your meth-tacular name image by signing in with Facebook.

After setting up your new Facebook avatar, it’s up to each individual to find a way to kill time until the final season premieres on August 11.

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