Every Recurring Joke On the New Season of “Arrested Development,” In Chart Form

Anticipation for the new season of Arrested Development brought on a hurricane of hype, which blazed a wide trail through the Internet. It was only appropriate, though, considering how much public appetite for the show had grown since it went off the air seven years earlier. By now, the most ardent fans have surely made it through the new season. Considering how layered the show is known to be, however, it’s likely they missed a few things. There is one source, however, that has all the raw data on the Bluth family’s latest awkward entanglements.

As we mentioned before, Recurring Developments is a website created by digital designers at Beutler Ink and Red Edge that tracks all the running gags on the show that you might not have noticed right before your eyes (much like private detective Gene Parmesan.) As it stood before, the site served as a source for brushing up on the Bluths before diving back into their world. Now it’s been updated for the latest episodes, however, offering up a palette-cleansing close to the fourth season’s hype cycle, and perhaps a case for its justification.

Have a look at some of the catalogued jokes in the slides above.