Lone Ranger and Tonto Taunt Fans to Find Them in Nationwide Scavenger Hunt

Before a new generation of fans has the chance to say, “Hi ho, Silver!” to The Lone Ranger in theaters, they can do so in person. Kind of.

In advance of the new family-friendly actioner, Disney is sending horseback-astride statues of stars Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp on a mission across the country. Created by agency Mekanism, this nation-spanning jaunt comes in the form of a scavenger hunt–with fans looking online for clues to catch up with The Lone Ranger and Tonto when their suspended-animation counterparts come to each city.

The just-launched “Lone Ranger Ride For Justice” features ultra-realistic statues of the franchise’s leads appearing on rooftops, mountaintops, and famous landmarks, which fans can only find through clues on the initiative’s tumblr and Instagram. Once the clues are given, it’s up to curious folks to posit guesses about the statues’ whereabouts on social media with the hashtag #LRRideForJustice, post photographic proof upon finding them, and possibly win some prizes. The statues won’t go on to the next city until they’re found.

“If you’re in Disneyworld, you’ll find Lone Ranger and Tonto overlooking the stars of this unofficial 9th Planet,” one clue reads, referencing the Planet Hollywood stop of the tour. Okay, so it won’t exactly take a former Texas Ranger to crack the case, but at least faithful fans have a situation-appropriate chance to call somebody Kemosabe.JB