• 06.13.13

Heineken Is Crowdsourcing Your Best Worst #DadJokes

Just in time for Father’s Day, Heineken is celebrating the jokes that you loved as a kid but cover your entire face at now with the social media-fueled #DadJokes campaign.

It’s a sad fact of life: After you have children, you become a pejorative. Affixing the words mom or dad to the front of a word is never a complimentary thing. “Mom jeans” were a source of ridicule before they were a Saturday Night Live sketch, and Dad Rock can mean anything from Nickelback to Wilco, depending on how mean you feel like being. Another way dads have worked their way into the lexicon is with the “dad joke”–a singularly cheesy genre that only a 7-year-old could love. But maybe they’re not all bad.


Heineken is flipping the idea of the dad joke around, and celebrating it for Father’s Day. Sure, it can be embarrassing when your father introduces himself to the waitress and says “Hi, I’ll be your customer,” but perhaps there’s something glorious about it in the abstract. Agency Wieden + Kennedy New York is helping the beer brand collect and meme-ify jokes that embody what it means to roll one’s eyes really hard, by crowdsourcing them on Twitter.

Anyone who has some non-knee-slapping patriarchal realness can tweet it at @Heineken_US before Sunday, June 16, with the hashtag #dadjokes. (Not just on Twitter either, but Instagram and Facebook, too.) When Father’s Day finally does arrive, Heineken will do more than simply retweet its favorite entries, the company will create an image lockup emblazoned with the joke and a vintage dad photo. There’s no guarantee, however, that your own father will find this idea funny, or even know what is happening.

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