Adobe Ambushes Pedestrians With Real-Time Photoshopping

And you thought that Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet responded quickly!

As part of Adobe’s Creative Days initiative, a fortnight’s worth of expression-heavy events on the company’s behalf, Photoshop artist Erik Johansson performed some real-time retouching of reality. Before a bunch of unsuspecting citizens knew it, they found themselves starring in ad hoc ads celebrating Adobe-fueled creativity.

Johansson rigged the inside of a Finnish bus stop ad–removing the sad, lonely After Earth poster currently occupying it–and put a blank screen in its place. Then he waited in a nearby van, taking pictures of pedestrians with a high-powered lens . . . like a total creep. Rather than doing anything creepy, however, Johansson merely distorted the image of each person waiting at the bus stop and projected it onto the ad space.

One victim is placed inside a bottle like an antique ship; opposite-sex strangers are placed first in a fake movie ad, and then on top of a wedding cake where they’re made to make out with each other–while the actual strangers nervously laugh along. All the ads are adorned with the hashtag #creativedays, so viewers know to seek out the website and find out what the next event is going to be. (Co.Create will be watching too.)JB