“Let’s Try This Again” By Jesus Christ And Other Books That Don’t Exist, But Should

What began as a design student’s side project has since become an outlet for the collective wishes of literary fans everywhere.

Graphic designer Tyler Adam Smith, a masters student at New York’s School of Visual Arts, has a keen interest in books. While working towards completing his masters of branding degree, Smith decided to get a bit of practice in creating book covers. Rather than just inventing author names and titles out of whole cloth, however, he opted to produce covers of books by well-known authors, who haven’t gotten around to writing them yet–one each day for 100 days.

“There are books that for one reason or another do not exist, but certainly should…” Smith writes on the Tumblr he created for this very reason.

The project started in earnest on April 15 with J.K. Rowling’s Now, I Fucking Hate Magic, a spare violet-colored tome bedecked with a magic wand. Since then, he’s gone on to write dream how-to books (Frank Gehry’s You Can Architecture Too), much-needed clarifications (Jesus Christ’s It Seems To Me That Many Of You Have Missed The Point; Let’s Try This Again), and apologia (Jack Kerouac’s I Was Wrong About Almost Everything . . . and to the Women: I’m Sorry). As of today, Smith is on book number 54, with less than two months to go.

Just as with any one-a-day project, they can’t all be gems–the Cormac McCarthy entry misspells the great author’s name and is an undercooked takeoff of The Road–but, yeah, almost all of these are gems.

Have a look through some of our favorites in the slide show above.