• 07.29.13

Tips For Making Dynamic Vines From A Stop-Motion Vin-ovator

Twitter video producer Ian Padgham recently shared some of his techniques for making six-second stop-motion Vines that you’ll watch over and over (and not just because of the looping function).

When Twitter first unveiled its six-second looping video product Vine earlier this year, nobody was quite sure what to do with it–but that didn’t stop people from doing all sorts of things. Vine has been applied as a new mechanism for film distribution. It’s been a pithy alternative to 30-second commercials for brands. And it’s served as an outlet for cinema-based memes. But for sheer entertainment value, one of the most effective applications of Vine has been for stop-motion animation.


Twitter video producer Ian Padgham has been pushing the medium forward recently with a series of boisterous stop-motion Vines, most of which feature a small wooden artist’s model. These videos are a clean, smooth rebuke to the often herky-jerky attempts from amateurs. Padgham has clearly mastered the difficult, no-mistakes-allowed shooting that the in-screen editing of Vine demands. Recently, he shared his tips for how to make the best six-second videos possible on a Vine blog post. Read his bits of Vine wisdom and see his work in the slide show above.

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