Forget About GIFs: See Classic Films Evoked With JPEGs

A lot of films tend to find their footing inside the editing bay. Nothing drags a movie down like a bloated run time, so it is in this process that the director pares down his or her vision like a bonsai tree until only the essentials are left. It turns out that some of our classic movies can be trimmed even more though.

In artist Adrien Parlange’s latest project, some of your favorite movies morph into an exercise in extreme minimalism. CINEMA.JPEG boils down a bevy of magnum opuses to their identifying elements and expresses those in just a handful of images arranged on the page. As the title suggests, however, these are a certain kind of image, familiar to most.

Parlange uses stock JPEGs (the kind sitting on your desktop right now) to create his spare tableaux, and they are not taken from the movies they’re embodying. Top Gun, for instance, is reduced to two aircraft JPEGs on diagonal opposites, with an explosion, a cloud, and a “man_using_parachute” thrown in for good measure. Of course, anyone who has seen the film knows that the man using the parachute is Goose, and that Maverick is about to be super-bummed about the outcome of this descent.

When you know a movie like the back of your eyelids, it’s amazing how little it takes to conjure its attendant emotional context.

Have a look through some of our favorite CINEMA.JPEG entries in the slide show above.

Hat tip It’s Nice That.