Help Ben & Jerry’s Decide City-Specific Flavors Via Twitter

Ben & Jerry’s recently embarked on a cross-country campaign to introduce the ice cream enthusiasts among us (aka every person who exists, just about) to a series of flavors uniquely tailored to the cities they live in. To ensure that fans around America will embrace the new flavors, however, the company is letting folks in each city help create them.

With the help of agency 360i, Ben & Jerry’s is currently crowdsourcing its new flavors with a fleet of ice cream trucks powered by social media. The trucks will roam through some of the nation’s biggest cities, including Washington D.C., San Francisco, New York City, and Portland, spreading good cheer and free ice cream while channeling local pride into the new flavors. (You can follow the trucks’ routes here.)

Although Ben & Jerry’s has used Twitter to let fans decide where to send its ice cream-bearing trucks before, the City Churned campaign is a different story. Some of the votes for what ingredients will go into each city’s flavors, listed on the dedicated site, are decided by different variants in each city. As explained in a series of videos on the site, New York, for instance, might receive a vote for Fairtrade Vanilla for each cab in NYC going downtown, while uptown cabs steer the city toward Peppermint. Meanwhile, fans are encouraged to tweet their name ideas for each flavor.

Have a look through all the city-specific videos in the slide show above.JB