• 06.04.13

A New App Means Never Getting Burned By Burned Popcorn Again

A new iPhone app helps you prevent microwave popcorn from getting burned better than any automatic preset could.

A New App Means Never Getting Burned By Burned Popcorn Again

Microwave popcorn instructions are just glorified guesstimates. Anyone who has ever nuked up a bowl knows that it takes a complex, interlinked ballet between one’s full range of senses and his or her intuition to determine the best time to evacuate. A new app, however, boldly suggests otherwise.


Pop Secret and agency Deutsch LA have created Perfect Pop, a new app that may finally put an end to the scourge of burned popcorn. The agency and brand teamed before on an app designed to connect popcorn lovers with their natural ally–movies. Now, they’ve taken another step in creating the perfect popcorn experience.

Available at Apple’s App Store or Pop Secret Labs, Perfect Pop professes to be the end-all-be-all solution to a problem that’s curdled the appetites of the hungry and couch bound for far too long.

According to Deutsch, burned popcorn is the number one consumer complaint faced by the microwave popcorn category, with over 400 tweeted complaints about it weekly. (In fact, the agency compiled several of these missives into an autotuned video that explains and justifies its new app.) The agency says that since the app hit iTunes, it’s become a top 10 food app and has had 80,000 downloads, without a formal public launch.

Perfect Pop works by listening to popcorn while it’s in the microwave and notifying its hungry owner at just the right moment to help avoid the risk of burn. Once users turn the app on and place it near the microwave, a kernel widget listens and analyzes the sounds of popping corn. It then weighs the sound against data collected from dozens of microwave models and hundreds of bags of popcorn, waiting for just the right “popping acoustics.”

The result is the kind of fluffy, buttery goodness that usually takes active microwave surveillance to achieve. Finally, popcorn lovers will be able to stand the heat while getting out of the kitchen.

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