A Hospital Rebrands Chemotherapy For Kids With The Help Of Superheroes

The Tooth Fairy narrative is a massive fib meant to rebrand the process of losing one’s baby teeth into a lucrative concern. Some children have much more serious health issues, though, and there have been precious few ways in the past to spin stories around such issues.

Last year, Canadian agency Cundari made a bold effort at easing sick kids’ pain by teaming up with TV cops to recruit new members into Pain Squad–a police-themed gamified version of cancer treatment (and ended up earning two Gold Lions at Cannes for it).The latest effort at improving the healing process for kids involves a different kind of crime fighter, however: superheroes.

Created by agency JWT Brazil and the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center, the Superformula is a new way to look at chemotherapy, aimed at raising kids’ spirits high enough to leap tall buildings in a single bound. The agency was able to secure rights to Justice League characters from client Warner Bros. in order to transform chemotherapy into the process by which superheroes heal themselves.

Child-size intravenous bags, which are ordinarily perhaps one of the more depressing sights around, were given a makeover at Camargo, with new covers that evoke characters like Batman and Wonder Woman. The entire children’s ward was also given a new look, for that matter, with the game room now a Hall of Justice and an exclusive entrance built that’s fit for a hero’s welcome. JWT also produced a series of comic books featuring the superheroes in recovery mode, using the very same “superformula.”

While it’s a shame that Superman can’t swoop in and save the day entirely, it must be nice for these kids not to have to suffer in a fortress of solitude, so to speak.JB