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Digital–The Power and the Peril

In spite of the billions spent on digital marketing, Millward Brown research suggests that many ads are ineffective, ignored or, worse, have a negative effect. To change this, advertisers must understand how consumers behave online and how that behavior influences responses to digital marketing. If we understand the motivations and instincts behind people’s digital behavior, then we can create a better return on our investment.

To achieve their maximum potential, online communications must make instant connections to impact the many, not simply engage the few. Advertisers must understand the consumer motivations of the spaces their ads inhabit and work within those spaces – not get in the way.

The digital space represents a huge opportunity to engage people in new ways, but it comes with many perils. These need to be acknowledged, understood, and considered as digital campaigns are planned and executed.

Nigel Hollis is Chief Global Analyst at Millward Brown. Gordon Pincott is Chairman of Global Solutions at Millward Brown.TW