Turn Your Phone Into A Skeeball Game With “Roll It,” Chrome’s Addictive New Experiment

The mad-scientist experiments that pop out of the Google Creative Lab often pay homage to fixtures of our childhood, from Legos to air guitar to the neighborhood where we grew up.

Roll It, the latest Chrome experiment, makes us pine for simpler times with its downright whimsical spin on the arcade classic, skeeball.

Unlike previous Chrome experiments, Roll It requires both your smartphone and computer to work properly. Once your phone syncs to your screen, it becomes a remote of sorts that you can aim and flick at your computer screen, where you’ll see the ball you just “threw” go down the ramp into one of the numbered cups. (Pro tip: It’s all in the wrist.)

Roll It works either in single-player mode or for up to three players, and as you advance, you can unlock new moves and backboard configurations.