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Serial Entrepreneur Tony Fernandes On The Magic Ingredient That Unlocks Creativity

“Creativity: Weapon of Mass Disruption” is a new interview series from Ogilvy & Mather which aims to tell the stories of creative pioneers and entrepreneurs from business and the arts—people who have unleashed the power of creativity to disrupt our assumptions, our categories, and our industries. These creative iconoclasts have a restless urge to make a difference in the world. They understand the power of a creative idea to make people stop, reappraise their preconceptions, and then take action.

Fergus Hay & Tony Fernandes

Fergus Hay, Worldwide Managing Director of Ogilvy & Mather kicks off “Creativity: Weapon of Mass Disruption” with airline entrepreneur Tony Fernandes. Fernandes introduced low cost regional travel with his highly successful budget airline AirAsia, but he is also a hotelier, owns a UK football club, is president of ASEAN Basketball League, founder of Caterham F1 Formula One team, and a recent entrant in the energy drink sector.CCS