Interactive Site Takes You Inside The Awful Reality Of A Puppy Mill

Singapore-based animal welfare groups teamed up with digital agency Yolk to create an interactive website that reveals some of the cruelty that buying dogs from a pet shop supports.

It’s difficult to believe that anyone would still buy a dog from a pet store, given how much attention has been brought to the issue of puppy mills. Unfortunately, the problem seems to persist, with pet buyers unaware that puppy mills are where dogs are made to breed product for pet stores, typically in nightmarish conditions, until they outlive their usefulness. Animal support groups frequently speak out against such practices, and occasionally they team up with social media groups to make sure the message is heard.


In the past we’ve seen videos encouraging prospective pet owners to adopt rather than buy from pet shops, but the latest effort is an interactive website that takes pet lovers on a journey behind the pet store. Created by Singapore-based animal welfare groups and digital agency Yolk, the new site introduces viewers to the kind of playful puppy they might meet at a pet shop–and then reveal the conditions where the puppy came from.

After a cute miniature schnauzer welcomes users to Pawfect Pets, a caption floats beneath him, asking: “Play with me?” You can then watch this new furry friend either take a drink, sit, or do other doggy things. Once the Schnauzer performs whatever you’ve selected, however, he asks if you want to see his former home. This is where things get rather sad.

Different videos for each of the options of what users can watch the puppy do shows a different aspect of the cruelty of mill facilities. The dogs there appear to have to stand on the wire at the bottom of cages all day long, are given little food and water, and have insufficient access to veterinary care. As an alternative to buying from a pet shop, which supports these practices, the Pawfect Pets site encourages users to adopt.

Have a look through some of the images from the site in the slide show above.