Gillette’s New Campaign Asks, “How Does Superman Shave?”

Long before Kryptonite came into the picture, Superman had to contend with more mundane challenges that we Earthlings take for granted. Like shaving.

In the upcoming Warner Bros. film Man of Steel, a young Clark Kent goes from hirsute hero to depilated do-gooder. Logic dictates that if Supes is impervious to pummeling, so are his whiskers. Which begs the question: How does he shave?

Luckily, Gillette is way ahead of us on this one. In anticipation of the blockbuster’s June 14 release, the grooming brand – with some help from Westport, CT-based ad agency Concept One Communications – enlisted a quartet of geek luminaries–director Kevin Smith, TV science show host Bill Nye, MythBusters’ Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, and The Big Bang Theory’s (and real-life neuroscientist) Mayim Bialik–to present their theories on how Superman shaves.

Kevin Smith demonstrates theorizing gesticulation techniques.

The “How Does He Shave” Campaign Spotted on the 6 Train of the New York subway.

Smith puts his money on a blade fashioned from a piece of Superman’s rocket, while Nye ponders the possibility of a course material that grinds rather than cuts Kryptonian-grade facial hair. If Hyneman’s suggestion–creating tiny wormholes with the Large Hadron Collider that transport the superwhiskers to another universe–doesn’t grab you, there’s always Bialik’s compelling argument for denaturing the Kryptonian proteins holding the hair follicles in place.

Their videos post May 28 on, where viewers can vote for their favorite hypotheses or tweet their own under #HowDoesHeShave.

Interestingly, no one suggests waxing. Even that’s too much for the Man of Steel.SK