See a Music Channel Challenge Shazam In A Different Kind Of Epic Rap Battle

The game of Name That Tune got a whole lot easier in the aughts when Shazam came on the scene. The music knowledge app made it simple to settle arguments about exactly what song is playing at this bar at this moment. Recently, however, Shazam got caught in a little dispute of its own.

French music channel Trace TV prides itself on its staff’s encyclopedic hip-hop and R&B knowledge, so much so that the crew was willing to face off against Shazam-equipped opponents in a tune-naming session.

Created by agency DDB Paris, a video of the man vs. machine showdown tallies up the number of times the Trace crew beats the Shazamers to the punch in identifying tracks by the likes of Q-Tip and Missy Elliott.

The Trace team wins the day, of course, scoring an ultimately meaningless victory against the inevitable robot uprising.JB