“Peniccism”–Penitent Narcissism–And Other New Names For Those Weird Feelings You Have

Some words from languages around the world frustratingly have no equivalent in English. Other words for complicated and difficult-to-convey ideas simply haven’t been invented yet. A new website, however, is dragging a bunch of these previously inexpressible words into existence.

The Emotionary is an online depository for words that express feelings such as “ambiviculty”–the anxiety associated with making a decision due to constant self-doubt and ability to see equal merit in each outcome. Created by actress Eden Sher, the site mines some thorny emotional territory and gives it a name, mostly by jamming two existent words together in interesting ways.

“I used to hate words. I thought words were fickle and futile. They insulted me by reducing my unique feelings and experiences–OBVIOUSLY only felt by me and me alone–to arbitrary sounds,” Sher says on the site. “But then I realized that it was only hard for me to verbally communicate because I was afraid. I didn’t hate words at all! I was just terrified that I’d never be able to find the right ones with which to truly express myself.”

Fans of the site are invited to join in also and submit ideas for words to describe their own complicated emotions. Shakespeare is said to have coined hundreds of words and phrases throughout his career, which is a difficult benchmark to aim for, but perhaps you’ll be able to create just one.

Have a look through some of the best words yet in the slide show above.JB