Every Recurring Joke On “Arrested Development,” In Chart Form

More like, some touching.” A new interactive visualization of Arrested Development’s recurring jokes is rather hands-on, so try not to leave any blue fingerprints behind.

As anticipation for the Netflix-revived cult comedy’s new season rises to a fever pitch, most fans have been revisiting the show’s initial output. The digital designers at Beutler Ink and Red Edge have been paying more attention than most, however. The two companies recently teamed up to create Recurring Developments, a comprehensive catalog of all the inside jokes on the show that seemed to keep coming back–like an envelope tossed into the ocean.

On the left side of the visualization is a list of jokes, ranging from themes (“Tobias is obviously gay”) to behaviors (“Lucille winking”) and statements (“You’re gonna get some hop-ons”). On the right is a list of episodes. Clicking on an episode title immediately propels a bunch of lines out to the corresponding jokes within it. Clicking on a joke reveals its source and all the episodes it’s in. Additionally, there are circles around the mentions of which episodes the jokes are in, and if you hover your cursor above them, specific details about the variation of said joke emerge.

All in all, Recurring Developments makes a killer companion to Brad Evans’ epic hidden joke roundup on Splitsider. If you’re a true fan and you ignore this visualization, you will have made a huge mistake.JB