The Making Of A Viral Vine Sensation: Find Out Why Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal

It took another creative Ryan to come up with a Vine-powered combination of a spoonful of cereal and the Gos’s expressive mug. Here’s the story behind the meme.

As if vulnerable good looks and universal adoration weren’t enough, Ryan Gosling continues to hog even Internet meme glory, starring in perhaps the first Vine-powered viral sensation, “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal.”


The series of hilarious Vines is as clearly labeled as it is random: We see six-second clips of Gosling doing his thing in various roles as a slowly encroaching spoonful of cereal tries, unsuccessfully, to make its way into his mouth.

The series is the creation of Scottish writer and director Ryan McHenry, who went from eight followers on Vine to thousands and from an aspiring filmmaker (McHenry has made a few short films, one of which, Zombie Musical, won a BAFTA Award for new talent) to a Vine pioneer. We Asked McHenry to take us back to the fateful moment he picked up his spoon and to explain how the odd creation took off.

On the inspiration for “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal”:

I had downloaded the app Vine for my iPhone and spent a couple of days watching all the hilarious popular videos and Viners, and really loved the concept of having only six seconds to make someone laugh. I had around eight followers and probably seven of them were close friends. So I’m sitting in my living room eating cereal and watching Drive when I notice it looked like Ryan Gosling was staring at my bowl of cereal. I laughed about it and thought maybe I should Vine this. I tried a few different things, then realized it works best by just slowly creeping the spoon towards him. And then I had created “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal: Part 1.”

On the why and how behind combining cereal and Gosling:

I think everyone on Earth knows and loves Ryan Gosling. He’s a very watchable actor and, according to interviews and websites, he just seems like a really nice guy. I had seen Place Beyond the Pines the week before I created the Vine, and I loved him in that movie, so I think it was still in my thoughts. I chose cereal kind of because I was eating it at the time, but it just seemed simple, and I think that’s why it’s become so popular–because of it’s simplicity.


On the biggest challenges behind making Vines go viral:

After the first two parts, my friends liked them and shared them on Twitter, so I decided to do a third part which was from Crazy, Stupid, Love and by chance I managed to find a perfect moment for the cereal. So I Vined that and within three hours, it had gotten 100 likes which I was happy and confused about (given I only had eight followers. It then rocketed up into the thousands of likes and was on the Vines popular page. My follower count went up and had some really lovely comments from Viners around the world. So I actually got a bit stressed out and thought I had to top that one so began watching ALL of Ryan Goslings films and taking notes of when I should do the cereal thing. By part eight, it was getting 6,000 likes-plus, and then suddenly on May 10th, it exploded around the Internet. It’s been a crazy couple of days . . . but I hope Gosling has seen them and liked them, and I hope he isn’t going to get tormented by people with spoons for the rest of his career!

See the Vines above and the director’s own video compilation below.

[Cereal Image: Galushko Sergey via Shutterstock]

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