The Hills Have Eyes: A Look Into The Nonhuman Faces That Are All Around You

Some claim to see the face of Jesus in their pancakes, or they see the visage of Elvis in a potato chip. While such specific visions smack of too much effort and maybe a screw loose on the viewer’s part, it’s not uncommon to see faces in one’s surroundings. Look in the sky for long enough and a gathering of clouds is bound to dislodge two eye holes and a mouth at some point. Apparently, many others have come to similar conclusions because there are whole corners of the Internet devoted to capturing these faces in random places.

Whether in nature or in the kitchen, it’s fairly common for a confluence of factors to bring about naturally occurring faces where you least expect them. The way the American electrical outlet looks kind of like it’s trying to say something? That’s amateur hour. Search around and you’ll come across faucets, flowers, tote bags, and architecture that are surprisingly expressive. It doesn’t mean you’re being haunted, just that you’re starting to look at your surroundings with an eye for the anthropomorphic.

Have a look at more faces found in random places in the slide show above.

H/t to Twisted SifterJB