’80’s Don Draper On Twitter Sells You More Than Nostalgia; He Sells You Himself

As every new season of Mad Men arrives, fans get all agitated speculating over how much time will have elapsed since the previous season. The first episode opened in March 1960, and the current sixth season of AMC’s much-loved advertising drama is set in the middle of 1968. Fans wondering what Jon Hamm’s lead character, Don Draper, might be like after the events of the series conclude, though, now have a new oracle on Twitter.

An account called ’80s Don Draper sprang up recently, applying the genius for selling that viewers cherish toward products and ideas from the decade when Cosby was king. Created by The Onion contributor and comedian John McNamee, tweets name-check TV shows, politicians, and trends with either sales pitches or day-to-day moments in Draper’s ostensible 1980s life. These pitches skirt the line between ridiculous and maybe almost plausible in the context of what we know about Draper, who seems to be at the beginning of his downfall.

Have a look through some of the best tweets in the slide show above.

[Photo by Joel Arbaje | Base Image: Miami Vice’s Don Johnson]JB