Cats Who Look Like Pinups, Beefcake Edition

Back in February, we reported on the phenomenon of Cats That Look Like Pinup Girls. It was a fascinating homage to the exhibitionist tendencies of felines and how they favor the poses of those who populate Pirelli calendars. But who says cats have to be restricted to just one gender?

The French tumblr, Des Hommes et Des Chatons, the translation of which you can probably work out without my help, is changing the paradigm by showing several litters’ worth of cats who look kind of like hot dudes. As a bevy of attractive bros like Justin Timberlake and Adam Levine flex their pecs, these graceful meowers also know how to work your heartstrings with their claws.

Have a look through some of the best man-meat and feline juxtapositions in the slide show above.