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Become Ernest Hemingway (On Facebook) For A Day

The Hemingway Hijacker takes over your social media presence in the most manly way possible.

Become Ernest Hemingway (On Facebook) For A Day

Many dream of sitting down for a drink or spending a day with a literary great. Those who nurture that desire and who are also looking to take their Facebook posts up a notch in the spirit of adventure are in luck. Especially if the writer of choice is Ernest Hemingway and the adventures of choice are virtual.

In a campaign for the Hemingway Foundation, Ogilvy & Mather created the Hemingway Highjacker, a Facebook app that takes over a user’s timeline and posts check-ins, photos, and status updates to provide the illusion that the individual is out exploring life in the manner of the famed author-journalist-ur, most interesting man in the world.

The hijack lasts 24-hours and was mainly designed to raise awareness among the younger set of the Hemingway Foundation and of Hemingway himself.


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