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A Fashionable Store, Where The Clothes Are Your Own

A São Paulo mall creates an empty store, to be filled with donated fashion looks.

A Fashionable Store, Where The Clothes Are Your Own

We’ve all done it–you go to the mall, you buy something, maybe even a lot of things, then you go home and work some magic in order to fit all of these new goods into your already full closet.

BRMalls Shopping VillaLobos (the VillaLobos Mall) in São Paulo, Brazil, acknowledges and puts a spin on this concept with its recent Winter Clothing Drive campaign, where consumers are encouraged to “bring clothes to the shop instead of taking them away from the shop.”

Envisioned as a new way to collect clothing donations, “A Loja Vazia” (The Empty Shop), created by agency Loducca, São Paulo, is a clean, crisp space that sits in the middle of the mall as a depository for clothing that people no longer need.

Stylists man the shop each day creating fashionable displays of donated goods in order to encourage people to bring clothing that is in good condition. All donated clothing is unloaded from the store each evening, leaving an empty shop for the process to begin again each morning.

After collecting nearly 3.2 tons of clothing and garnering interest from shopping malls across the globe, the concept has been open sourced, so store blueprints, communication kits, and visuals are now available to anyone who’s interested.