Spielberg Trades In “Lincoln” For “Obama”

It’s difficult to say for sure what Steven Spielberg’s next project is going to be. As perhaps the most famous and most successful director of all time, he has nothing but options–and he tends to take on several of those options at a time. One film that definitely won’t be his next project, though, is a biopic on sitting President Barack Obama. At least we now know what such a film might look like though.

At this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, which was hosted by Conan O’Brien, a short video served as a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the director’s latest work. This video suggested that the follow-up to the Oscar-winning Lincoln would be Obama.

“He’s already a lame duck,” Spielberg says in the clip, “so why wait?”

Best of all, the mock preview features the brilliant spectacle of President Obama playing Daniel Day-Lewis playing President Obama. Overall, it’s a much more flattering portrayal of the Commander in Chief than this recent ad for McDonald’s Israel’s “Big America” burger.JB