• 05.01.13

An Animator’s Self-Portrait, In 100 Different Cartoon Styles

Kevin McShane likes cartoons. A lot. So much so that he’s been drawing himself in the style of more than 100 different cartoons for the last two years.

While the selfie is a product of the modern mobile age, it’s also part of the time-honored tradition of the self-portrait. Artists from Rembrandt to Picasso have taken a stab at capturing the essence of their own sweet selves. Now a modern-day artist–an animator–has done the same. The difference is that this guy used other artists’ identities to reinterpret his own.


For the last two years, artist Kevin McShane has supplemented his time publishing the comic Toupydoops by drawing self-portraits in the styles of over 100 different cartoon characters. Located on a dedicated site, the artist depicts himself standing with arms folded, like just about all of your childhood favorites—and plenty of current ones. There are ’80s staples like the Snorks, classics like The Flintstones, anime, Claymation, and even Archer. McShane also included some obscure selections like Signor Rossi to cover all his bases.

Have a look through some of the best drawings in the slide show above, and let us know in the comments who Kevin forgot .

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