• 04.29.13

Horrific Reflections In Comedy Movie Posters Say: “You’re Next”

The viral campaign for forthcoming horror movie You’re Next includes images of the film’s masked villains popping up in other films’ posters

Last year, we saw an ad for Old Spice emerge from within commercials for other Procter & Gamble products. Now, this Inception-style layered marketing strategy has spread over to the realm of movie posters.


Lionsgate recently rolled out a viral marketing campaign for its forthcoming slasher film, You’re Next, that piggybacks (or Trojan-Horses?) the posters of other movies. In New York and other cities, the posters for The Big Wedding and the Tyler Perry-produced Peeples feature actual-size reflective images of the creepy animal-masked killers from the newer horror movie. Perhaps you’re next to abruptly look over your shoulder in broad daylight?

You’re Next had a consensus-building premiere at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival, after which Lionsgate promptly snapped it up. The wait since then may have benefited the movie, however; director Adam Wingard has since scored a cult hit with the anthology horror flick, V/H/S, which is streaming on Netflix (and which I personally can’t recommend enough). The new movie is set at a family reunion during which family members get picked off one by one. Now, the rest of us have a chance to feel lurked on if we should happen to see one of the stealth campaign posters.

Watch a trailer for You’re Next below, and look through further posters in the slide show above.

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