President Obama Praises Israel…In New McDonald’s Spot

It turns out that U.S. support of Israel may be based on something other than careful diplomacy. Apparently, President Barack Obama just really likes the way McDonald’s Israel makes a burger.

Most Americans know precisely one example of a fast food chain’s foreign take on a domestic sandwich. (That would be the Royale with Cheese.) Another menu item worth noting perhaps is McDonald’s Israel’s Big America sandwich. When the burger was first introduced in 2011, apparently it was made of a little more than half a pound of beef, making it, indeed, big).

Created by Jerusalem-based agency TBWA\Yehoshua, a new ad for the burger posits that when President Obama visits Israel, there’s only one food that will satisfy him. First, though, Secret Service agents must round up an assortment of kids from their homes, from a movie theater, and from a nightclub. Weirdly, the Secret Service agents ask each of the surprised McDonald’s employees his or her full name, which seems like a lot of extraneous information to put in a quick commercial.

It turns out that these folks all work at McDonald’s and are needed to prepare a special meal in the dead of night for a VIP. Because of how America is kind of shady? Eventually President Obama rolls up to the restaurant in a limo and enjoys his sandwich. “God bless Israel,” he says, after taking that first bite. “For the Big America.”

Watch a very similar ad featuring former President Bush below.

H/t to HypervocalJB