That Aerobic Workout Video For Cats You’ve Always Wanted Is Here

A new ad for Temptations Cat Treats comes in the form of an exercise video for felines. It’s the cat’s pajamas, more or less.

Sometimes they look like pin-up girls, sometimes they go skydiving, and you can always find them if you have the right map. In order to keep them from getting fat or grumpy, though, it’s important to make sure cats get enough exercise. Now there’s a better way to do so.


The new ad for Temptations cat treats harnesses the viral power of the Internet’s favorite beast by putting her in a new contest: the exercise video. Created by agency DDB Chicago and directed by the always challenging Andreas Nilsson, the spot is a faux-infomercial for Kate and George Present Work It Kitty! Workout. It begins with a brief story about how the proprietors of The Best Little Cat House boarding house discovered that some of their wards responded to regular old human workout videos with enthusiasm. It’s only a short leap in logic from there to what follows.

As the video proper begins, we meet Banjo, Fritz, Harley, Mr. Freckles, Pumpkin, and Tom. We watch as these extremely pettable felines go through a regimen specifically designed to give cats the workout they so sorely need. Exercises like Paw Extensions and Rear Leg Lift test their resolve and commitment to kitty fitness.

DDB Chicago went all out, too, preparing a dedicated website for Work It Kitty! that offers bios for the cats involved (“A master of shoulder rotations and ab crunches, Banjo is one fit-looking feline.”), as well as tips on getting your cat active (1. Fill a ball with treats and roll it around). In a bit of synergy, the website even sells digital downloads of the hi-NRG song playing during the workout–if your cat should happen to start dancing to it while you play the ad.

The ad is the latest in the cat weirdness genre from the brand and agency. A previous spot is below.