Nathan Fielder Encourages Twitterers to Troll Their Parents With Drug Texts

On his Comedy Central show, Nathan For You, extradry comedian Nathan Fielder convinces small business to implement his marketing ideas, which are uniformly terrible. Off the air, however, Fielder recently asked his Twitter followers to act on the kind of idea that wouldn’t seem out of place on his show. It took very little convincing.

On April 24, he tweeted out the following message, which at the time of this writing has been retweeted over 2,000 times.

The tweet would have been funny for the idea alone, without any external reaction. Of course, this is the Internet, and some of the people on it wait around all day for embarrassing opportunities like this one to arise. Within hours, the at-replies began. A collection of college students proved more than willing to at least momentarily confuse their parents into thinking that they are either dealing or enjoying drugs.

Unfortunately, the response texts we see only show the parents’ immediate reactions, which range from concerned to infuriated. There’s no way to know whether these parents ended up feeling relieved to find out it was all a joke or not. What’s likely, however, is that the joke is on the sender of the text, because just try telling your parents that the drug message you “accidentally” sent them was a prank.

Have a look through some of the responses in the slide show above.

H/t to UproxxJB