Jailbreak Your iPhone, For Real

Earlier this week we saw what some of today’s modern conveniences such as iPhones might look like if they were left unattended for 100 years. Now, a new ad campaign shows us why we might want to abandon them in the first place.

Outside’s Go magazine would prefer that readers get acquainted with the great outdoors and leave their tablets behind. In order to convey this message, the publication’s new series of ads features images depicting various devices as microscopic prisons.

Created by artist Felipe Luchi, the images manage to make your computer’s mouse resemble a vaguely Death Star-like fortress. If you look close, you can even see tiny inmates walking across the yard where it appears all the device’s innards have been gutted. The message is clear: These things we keep inside our pockets tend to keep us from truly experiencing what’s out there.

Have a look through all the images in the slide show above.JB