Talking Yoga Mat Knows What You Need in WTF Hotel Ad

At most hotels, the guests are encouraged to take advantage of the amenities, but in a new ad, a certain amenity playfully tries to take advantage of a guest.

Kimpton Hotels now offers yoga mats in all its rooms. In order to promote this perk, the chain’s latest ad features an anthropomorphic yoga mat who spends the whole day with his room’s occupant–and even sorta tries to put the moves on her. It’s all very strange.

Created by studio Portal A, the new spot starts with a guest appearing overwhelmed and incapable of balancing her work life with the fun of staying at a hotel (complete with a call from a “boss” whose address book avatar is a man screaming and pointing). Soon enough, however, she’s greeted by a mustachioed talking yoga mat (named “Mat,” natch) who wishes nothing more than to show her a good time.

She obliges–to the tune of some swinging ’60s music–and is even able to return the favor by reviving Mat after he half-drowns in a swimming pool. Unfortunately for this piece of new-agey upholstery, the guest does not return his affections when he makes subtle romantic overtures at the end of the day.JB