Infographic: See How Barbie Stacks Up Against An Average (Real) Woman

Last week, Dove explained that many women tend to have unrealistic self-image issues (in an ad that was promptly parodied.) Now one of the hall of shame contributors to girls’ early assumptions about what is attractive returns–with a fresh injection of data.

Any adult can simply look at a Barbie doll–that bastion of girlhood aspiration–and notice it makes a promise that reality can’t keep. Even the bombshells of the world such as Kate Upton and 1990s Pamela Anderson can’t measure up to Barbie’s body. For years, we’ve seen how warped a life-size Barbie might appear, and even what her too-tiny insides would look like. A new infographic, however, takes everything we know about Barbie’s dimensions and stacks it up next to an average woman’s.

Created by, the infographic reveals precisely how off the mark Barbie is from a real woman, and why it’s far healthier to be the latter. Barbie’s baby ankles and ridiculous midsection couldn’t possibly support that much boobage, so a real live woman would have to crawl around on all fours. Also, while she was down there on the ground, her head would slump to one side like a Japanese horror movie, due to a swanlike neck and enormous skull.

In addition to the infographic, prepared a report on the Epidemic of Body Hatred, which makes clear how such models of unrealistic bodily ideals can foster desperate weight obsession at an early age. In short, today’s Barbie doll owner is tomorrow’s reluctant Dove “Real Beauty” campaign target audience.

[Barbie Image: Flickr user lil’_wiz]JB