Six Versions of Latin Lover William Levy Entice You In New Pepsi Next Campaign

William Levy is not a doctor, but he plays one on the Internet. He also has six other identities, all of which hope you’ll try Pepsi Next.

In a new online campaign created by The Barbarian Group, the Univision star and former Dancing with the Stars competitor plays six characters including: Doctor Levy, Action Hero Levy, Casanova Levy, Rock Star Levy, Sci-fi Levy, and Musician Levy. The hope is that at least one of these fictional incarnations should be able to convince those entranced by the Latin lover to get some Pepsi Next in their lives. The company is also giving some of those potential fans an opportunity to do so for free.

As of April 22, users can go to a dedicated site and spin the Wheel of Levy to choose which version of the dreamboat will make them swoon for the soft drink. In order to make that happen, Pepsi Next is giving away 400,000 free 2-liter bottles of the stuff to such spinners so they can try it for themselves and see if they agree with Levy. (Considering that there are six of him and one of you, the odds are in his favor.) Angelique Krembs, VP of marketing for Pepsi Beverages, says the company built the campaign around Levy. “We’re very excited to be teaming up with him once again,” she says. “He worked with us in year one, helping us drive trial and awareness for our Pepsi Next limited-time-only flavors, and we thought he’d be the perfect partner to flex his acting muscle and seduce America’s taste buds.”

Have a look at the six Levys in the video slide show above.JB