Volvo Gives People Money To Have Fun In New Campaign

“I want sometimes gets,” according to Volvo’s latest U.K. campaign. The Swedish car brand has created a commuter hijack experience to inspire members of the public from across the U.K. to compete to win a Volvo V40 R-Design.

Volvo V40 R-Design

Volvo Commuter Hijack began with an invitation to consumers to propose how, with the use of a Volvo V40 R-Design for the day, they would spend £5,000 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

However there was a catch. They could only finish the day with what they started with, so the money they spent had to be on experiences–the more exciting and outlandish, the better.

Five unsuspecting entrants selected were then hijacked by British writer-presenter-producer-actor Danny Wallace–a columnist at the campaign’s media partner, Shortlist magazine–who joined each for the day accompanied by a film crew briefed to capture everything that happened.

Activities undertaken by participants ranged from snowboarding dressed as a parrot to cutting a record featuring singing goats, from charity giving to buying a random passerby a holiday in Thailand.

“Creative inspiration came from Richard Pryor movies including Brewster’s Millions,” explains DuBose Cole, strategist at the lead agency on the campaign, Mindshare U.K., which developed the idea with Arnold KLP and Havas EHS.

“The V40 R-Design is the performance version of the Volvo V-40 hatchback launched last year. The challenge was to get people in the target demographic–a predominantly male audience aged 35 to 45 in the market for buying their first luxury car–to sit up and take notice,” he adds.

“The idea was to empower people to find great experiences that would be fun–not just for them to do, but for a viewing audience.”

Online voting, now under way to decide which of the five films should earn its subject a new car, is open until April 24.MC